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Citywire Fund Group Ratings

Citywire Group Ratings recognise the expertise of a group as a whole in managing money in one of Citywire’s 200+ investment sectors. Citywire Group Ratings reward the depth of talent that sits at the core of the best asset management houses. They are underpinned by Citywire’s unique fund manager database of over 15,000 fund managers who run over 23,000 funds in 42 countries.

Every manager that’s been managing money for 3 years or more counts towards the Citywire Group Rating in every sector they run money in. A track record beyond 3 years, and up to 7 years counts towards fulfilling their maximum score potential. All managers in a group actively managing money in a sector that fulfils the criteria have their score averaged to produce a group score.

Only around 20-25% of groups in each sector make the cut to receive a rating. Of the groups that make the cut, 10% receive a platinum rating, 20% receive a gold rating, 30% receive a silver rating, and 40% receive a bronze rating.

To view the best performing groups within Citywire’s database, select an asset class from the table below.

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Asia Pacific Equities

Sector Group Rating
Equity - ASEANJP Morgan Asset Management2
Equity - ASEANBarings3
Equity - Asia Pacific Excluding JapanHermes Investment Management0
Equity - Asia Pacific Excluding JapanVeritas Asset Management1
Equity - Asia Pacific Excluding JapanMirae Asset1
Equity - Asia Pacific Excluding JapanBlackRock1
Equity - Asia Pacific Excluding JapanVontobel Asset Management AG1
Equity - Asia Pacific Excluding JapanFirst State1
Equity - Asia Pacific Excluding JapanFidelity International2
Equity - Asia Pacific Excluding JapanValue Partners2
Equity - Asia Pacific Excluding JapanBarclays Wealth & Investment Management2
Equity - Asia Pacific Excluding JapanOld Mutual Global Investors2
Equity - Asia Pacific Excluding JapanPictet2
Equity - Asia Pacific Excluding JapanSchroders2
Equity - Asia Pacific Excluding JapanStandard Life Investments3
Equity - Asia Pacific Excluding JapanBarings3
Equity - Asia Pacific Including JapanFidelity International0
Equity - Asia Pacific Including JapanJP Morgan Asset Management1
Equity - Asia Pacific Including JapanMatthews Asia1
Equity - Asia Pacific Including JapanRobeco2
Equity - Asia Pacific Including JapanInvesco2
Equity - Asia Pacific Including JapanBlackRock3
Equity - Asia Pacific Including JapanLumiere Capital3
Equity - Asia Pacific Small & Medium CompaniesPineBridge1
Equity - Asia Pacific Small & Medium CompaniesHSBC Global Asset Management1
Equity - Asia Pacific Small & Medium CompaniesMacquarie2
Equity - Asia Pacific Small & Medium CompaniesManulife2
Equity - Asia Pacific Small & Medium CompaniesFullerton3
Equity - Asia Pacific Small & Medium CompaniesUBS Asset Management3
Equity - Asia Pacific Small & Medium CompaniesFidelity International3
Equity - Asia Pacific Small & Medium CompaniesJ O Hambro Capital Management3
Equity - AustraliaFidelity International0
Equity - Hong KongManulife2
Equity - Hong KongFidelity International3
Equity - Hong KongAXA Investment Managers3
Equity - JapanFidelity International0
Equity - JapanMatthews Asia1
Equity - JapanJP Morgan Asset Management1
Equity - JapanComgest2
Equity - JapanMan Group2
Equity - JapanEastspring2
Equity - JapanBLI - Banque de Luxembourg Investments2
Equity - JapanSYZ Group2
Equity - JapanBNY Mellon Investment Management2
Equity - JapanSchroders3
Equity - JapanT Rowe Price3
Equity - JapanDalton Strategic Partnership3
Equity - JapanJ O Hambro Capital Management3
Equity - JapanTokio Marine Asset Management3
Equity - JapanGAM3
Equity - Japanese Small & Medium CompaniesEastspring1
Equity - Japanese Small & Medium CompaniesBNP Paribas Investment Partners2
Equity - Japanese Small & Medium CompaniesAberdeen Asset Management2
Equity - Japanese Small & Medium CompaniesBNY Mellon Investment Management3
Equity - Japanese Small & Medium CompaniesJanusHenderson3
Equity - Japanese Small & Medium CompaniesPineBridge3
Equity - Japanese Small & Medium CompaniesJP Morgan Asset Management3
Equity - KoreaLion Global Investors3
Equity - KoreaInvesco3
Equity - Malaysia/SingaporeFirst State3
Equity - SingaporeSchroders2
Equity - SingaporeNikko Asset Management3

Asian Bonds

Sector Group Rating
Bonds - Asia Pacific Hard CurrencyAllianz Global Investors2
Bonds - Asia Pacific Hard CurrencyLion Global Investors3
Bonds - Asia Pacific Hard CurrencyValue Partners3
Bonds - Asia Pacific Local CurrencyPineBridge1
Bonds - Asia Pacific Local CurrencyLegg Mason2
Bonds - Asia Pacific Local CurrencyMatthews Asia2
Bonds - Asia Pacific Local CurrencyCredit Suisse Asset Management3
Bonds - Asia Pacific Local CurrencyFullerton3
Bonds - Chinese YuanFullerton0
Bonds - Chinese YuanIncome Partners Asset Management1
Bonds - Chinese YuanDeutsche Asset Management1
Bonds - Chinese YuanNikko Asset Management2
Bonds - Chinese YuanCCB International2
Bonds - Chinese YuanHFT Investment Management2
Bonds - Chinese YuanManulife2
Bonds - Chinese YuanBosera Asset Management3
Bonds - Chinese YuanAlliance Bernstein3
Bonds - Chinese YuanE Fund Management3
Bonds - Chinese YuanChina Universal Asset Management3
Bonds - Hong Kong DollarFidelity International2
Bonds - Hong Kong DollarJP Morgan Asset Management3
Bonds - Hong Kong DollarChina Universal Asset Management3
Bonds - Singapore DollarEastspring2
Bonds - Singapore DollarSchroders3
Bonds - Singapore DollarLion Global Investors3


Sector Group Rating
Equity - Gold & Precious MetalsBlackRock3
Equity - Gold & Precious MetalsLombard Odier Bank3
Equity - Natural ResourcesBarings3

Convertible Bonds

Sector Group Rating
Bonds - Convertibles GlobalAXA Investment Managers0
Bonds - Convertibles GlobalFranklin Templeton Investments1
Bonds - Convertibles GlobalPolar Capital2
Bonds - Convertibles GlobalUBS Asset Management2
Bonds - Convertibles GlobalSchroders3
Bonds - Convertibles GlobalVontobel Asset Management AG3
Bonds - Convertibles GlobalAmundi3
Bonds - Convertibles GlobalBlueBay3
Bonds - Convertibles GlobalUnion Bancaire Privée3
Bonds - Convertibles OtherRWC2

Corporate Bonds

Sector Group Rating
Bonds - Euro CorporatesSchroders0
Bonds - Euro CorporatesT Rowe Price1
Bonds - Euro CorporatesEastspring1
Bonds - Euro CorporatesVontobel Asset Management AG2
Bonds - Euro CorporatesColumbia Threadneedle Investments2
Bonds - Euro CorporatesNordea2
Bonds - Euro CorporatesPIMCO3
Bonds - Euro CorporatesFidelity International3
Bonds - Euro CorporatesSYZ Group3
Bonds - Euro Corporates Short TermMuzinich & Co2
Bonds - Euro Corporates Short TermOddo BHF Asset Management 3
Bonds - Global CorporatesInvesco1
Bonds - Global CorporatesWellington Management1
Bonds - Global CorporatesIncome Partners Asset Management1
Bonds - Global CorporatesBarclays Wealth & Investment Management3
Bonds - Global CorporatesM&G Investments3
Bonds - Global CorporatesPIMCO3
Bonds - US Dollar CorporatesCapital Group1
Bonds - US Dollar CorporatesPrincipal Global Investors2
Bonds - US Dollar CorporatesMorgan Stanley3
Bonds - US Dollar CorporatesEastspring3

Emerging Market Bonds

Sector Group Rating
Bonds - Emerging Markets Global CorporatesInvestec Asset Management1
Bonds - Emerging Markets Global CorporatesBNY Mellon Investment Management1
Bonds - Emerging Markets Global CorporatesColumbia Threadneedle Investments2
Bonds - Emerging Markets Global CorporatesDeutsche Asset Management3
Bonds - Emerging Markets Global CorporatesMorgan Stanley3
Bonds - Emerging Markets Global CorporatesBlackRock3
Bonds - Emerging Markets Global Hard CurrencyAmundi1
Bonds - Emerging Markets Global Hard CurrencyVontobel Asset Management AG1
Bonds - Emerging Markets Global Hard CurrencyFirst State1
Bonds - Emerging Markets Global Hard CurrencyT Rowe Price1
Bonds - Emerging Markets Global Hard CurrencyWellington Management2
Bonds - Emerging Markets Global Hard CurrencyNordea2
Bonds - Emerging Markets Global Hard CurrencyMFS3
Bonds - Emerging Markets Global Hard CurrencyNeuberger Berman3
Bonds - Emerging Markets Global Hard CurrencyBarclays Wealth & Investment Management3
Bonds - Emerging Markets Global Hard CurrencyNN Investment Partners3
Bonds - Emerging Markets Global Local CurrencyEaton Vance Management0
Bonds - Emerging Markets Global Local CurrencyFranklin Templeton Investments0
Bonds - Emerging Markets Global Local CurrencyGAM1
Bonds - Emerging Markets Global Local CurrencyAviva Investors1
Bonds - Emerging Markets Global Local CurrencyPineBridge2
Bonds - Emerging Markets Global Local CurrencyAmundi2
Bonds - Emerging Markets Global Local CurrencyAberdeen Asset Management2
Bonds - Emerging Markets Global Local CurrencyPIMCO2
Bonds - Emerging Markets Global Local CurrencyNatixis Investment Managers2
Bonds - Emerging Markets Global Local CurrencyT Rowe Price2
Bonds - Emerging Markets Global Local CurrencyJP Morgan Asset Management3
Bonds - Emerging Markets Global Local CurrencyNomura Asset Management3
Bonds - Emerging Markets Global Local CurrencyPictet3
Bonds - Emerging Markets Global Local CurrencyCapital Group3
Bonds - Emerging Markets OtherDeutsche Asset Management2
Bonds - Indian RupeeUTI3
Equity - Emerging Markets EuropeAberdeen Asset Management2
Equity - Emerging Markets EuropeBlackRock2
Equity - Emerging Markets EuropeNN Investment Partners3
Equity - Emerging Markets EuropeSchroders3

Emerging Market Countries Equities

Sector Group Rating
Equity - BrazilBNP Paribas Investment Partners2
Equity - BrazilBNY Mellon Investment Management3
Equity - BrazilBank J. Safra Sarasin Ltd3
Equity - ChinaFidelity International0
Equity - ChinaInvestec Asset Management0
Equity - ChinaVontobel Asset Management AG1
Equity - ChinaUBS Asset Management1
Equity - ChinaBlackRock1
Equity - ChinaInvesco2
Equity - ChinaGAM2
Equity - ChinaFullerton2
Equity - ChinaWells Fargo2
Equity - ChinaStandard Life Investments2
Equity - ChinaSchroders2
Equity - ChinaAmundi3
Equity - ChinaNew Capital3
Equity - ChinaRobeco3
Equity - ChinaAllianz Global Investors3
Equity - ChinaWellington Management3
Equity - ChinaFirst State3
Equity - Greater ChinaCSOP Asset Management0
Equity - Greater ChinaComgest0
Equity - Greater ChinaFidelity International1
Equity - Greater ChinaNeuberger Berman1
Equity - Greater ChinaUBS Asset Management1
Equity - Greater ChinaInvesco1
Equity - Greater ChinaMatthews Asia1
Equity - Greater ChinaOld Mutual Global Investors2
Equity - Greater ChinaChina Universal Asset Management2
Equity - Greater ChinaSchroders3
Equity - Greater ChinaFirst State3
Equity - Greater ChinaJP Morgan Asset Management3
Equity - Greater ChinaColumbia Threadneedle Investments3
Equity - Greater ChinaAlliance Bernstein3
Equity - IndiaMirae Asset0
Equity - IndiaFirst State1
Equity - IndiaBlackRock1
Equity - IndiaNomura Asset Management2
Equity - IndiaPineBridge2
Equity - IndiaInvesco2
Equity - IndiaFranklin Templeton Investments2
Equity - IndiaSchroders3
Equity - IndiaGoldman Sachs Asset Management3
Equity - IndiaMorgan Stanley3
Equity - IndiaAberdeen Asset Management3
Equity - IndiaMatthews Asia3
Equity - RussiaBNP Paribas Investment Partners0
Equity - RussiaSEB3
Equity - ThailandJP Morgan Asset Management2
Equity - ThailandAllianz Global Investors3
Equity - TurkeyHSBC Global Asset Management2
Equity - TurkeyUnion Bancaire Privée2

Emerging Market Equities

Sector Group Rating
Equity - AfricaJP Morgan Asset Management3
Equity - Emerging Markets AsiaPXP Vietnam Asset Management Limited1
Equity - Emerging Markets AsiaJP Morgan Asset Management1
Equity - Emerging Markets AsiaAPS Asset Management1
Equity - Emerging Markets AsiaLion Global Investors2
Equity - Emerging Markets AsiaDuxton Asset Management2
Equity - Emerging Markets AsiaAmundi3
Equity - Emerging Markets AsiaSchroders3
Equity - Emerging Markets OtherMorgan Stanley1
Equity - Emerging Markets OtherFidelity International2
Equity - Frontier MarketsSchroders1
Equity - Frontier MarketsFiera Capital1
Equity - Frontier MarketsAsia Frontier Capital2
Equity - Frontier MarketsT Rowe Price3
Equity - Global Emerging MarketsHermes Investment Management0
Equity - Global Emerging MarketsTT International1
Equity - Global Emerging MarketsVontobel Asset Management AG1
Equity - Global Emerging MarketsRAM Active Investments SA1
Equity - Global Emerging MarketsFidelity International1
Equity - Global Emerging MarketsT Rowe Price1
Equity - Global Emerging MarketsJupiter1
Equity - Global Emerging MarketsRBC Global Asset Management1
Equity - Global Emerging MarketsNordea2
Equity - Global Emerging MarketsComgest2
Equity - Global Emerging MarketsBlackRock2
Equity - Global Emerging MarketsJ O Hambro Capital Management2
Equity - Global Emerging MarketsAlger3
Equity - Global Emerging MarketsMirae Asset3
Equity - Global Emerging MarketsInvesco3
Equity - Global Emerging MarketsVAM3
Equity - Global Emerging MarketsGoldman Sachs Asset Management3
Equity - Global Emerging MarketsAlliance Bernstein3
Equity - Global Emerging MarketsFirst State3
Equity - Global Emerging MarketsAberdeen Asset Management3
Equity - Global Emerging Markets Smaller CompaniesJP Morgan Asset Management2
Equity - Global Emerging Markets Smaller CompaniesCredit Suisse Asset Management3
Equity - Middle East & North AfricaAventicum3

European Bonds

Sector Group Rating
Bonds - EuroBlueBay0
Bonds - EuroBlackRock2
Bonds - EuroFidelity International2
Bonds - EuroPIMCO3
Bonds - EuroNatixis Investment Managers3
Bonds - EuroGAM3
Bonds - Euro Short TermCarmignac Gestion2
Bonds - Euro Short TermBlackRock3
Bonds - EuropeInvesco2
Bonds - EuropeFranklin Templeton Investments3
Bonds - EuroZoneBlueBay1
Bonds - EuroZoneRobeco3

European Country Equities

Sector Group Rating
Equity - GermanyDeutsche Asset Management1
Equity - GermanyFidelity International2
Equity - GermanyBarings2
Equity - GermanyGAM2
Equity - GermanyJP Morgan Asset Management3
Equity - SwitzerlandUnion Bancaire Privée1
Equity - SwitzerlandNew Capital1
Equity - SwitzerlandUBS Asset Management3

European Equities

Sector Group Rating
Equity - EuropeEI Sturdza Investment Funds0
Equity - EuropeInvestec Asset Management0
Equity - EuropeTT International0
Equity - EuropeWellington Management1
Equity - EuropeJ O Hambro Capital Management1
Equity - EuropeGoldman Sachs Asset Management1
Equity - EuropeInvesco1
Equity - EuropeAlliance Bernstein1
Equity - EuropeComgest1
Equity - EuropeLombard Odier Investment Managers1
Equity - EuropeJP Morgan Asset Management2
Equity - EuropeCarmignac Gestion2
Equity - EuropeMFS2
Equity - EuropeT Rowe Price2
Equity - EuropeRAM Active Investments SA2
Equity - EuropeSYZ Group2
Equity - EuropeBlackRock2
Equity - EuropeCapital Group2
Equity - EuropeJanusHenderson2
Equity - EuropeGAM2
Equity - EuropeFidelity International3
Equity - EuropeJupiter3
Equity - EuropeAviva Investors3
Equity - EuropeEastspring3
Equity - EuropeM&G Investments3
Equity - EuropeUBS Asset Management3
Equity - EuropeSchroders3
Equity - EuropeVontobel Asset Management AG3
Equity - EuropeBLI - Banque de Luxembourg Investments3
Equity - EuropeAllianz Global Investors3
Equity - Europe Excluding UKInvesco1
Equity - Europe Excluding UKT Rowe Price1
Equity - Europe Excluding UKBlackRock2
Equity - Europe Excluding UKJ O Hambro Capital Management2
Equity - Europe Excluding UKGAM3
Equity - Europe Excluding UKJanusHenderson3
Equity - Europe Excluding UKSchroders3
Equity - Europe IncomeBlackRock1
Equity - Europe IncomeInvesco1
Equity - Europe IncomePolar Capital1
Equity - Europe IncomeM&G Investments2
Equity - Europe IncomeColumbia Threadneedle Investments2
Equity - Europe IncomeBarings3
Equity - Europe IncomeSchroders3
Equity - Europe IncomeCredit Suisse Asset Management3
Equity - European Small & Medium CompaniesAlken Asset Management0
Equity - European Small & Medium CompaniesOld Mutual Global Investors1
Equity - European Small & Medium CompaniesOddo BHF Asset Management 2
Equity - European Small & Medium CompaniesBMO Asset Management3
Equity - European Small & Medium CompaniesBNP Paribas Investment Partners3
Equity - European Small & Medium CompaniesStandard Life Investments3
Equity - European Small & Medium CompaniesJanusHenderson3
Equity - European Small & Medium CompaniesJP Morgan Asset Management3
Equity - European Small & Medium CompaniesPineBridge3
Equity - EuroZoneInvesco0
Equity - EuroZoneJanusHenderson0
Equity - EuroZoneAlliance Bernstein0
Equity - EuroZoneFranklin Templeton Investments1
Equity - EuroZoneFidelity International1
Equity - EuroZoneBlackRock2
Equity - EuroZoneGAM2
Equity - EuroZoneSchroders2
Equity - EuroZoneJP Morgan Asset Management2
Equity - EuroZoneAmundi3
Equity - EuroZoneMorgan Stanley3
Equity - EuroZoneAllianz Global Investors3
Equity - EuroZoneEurizon Capital3
Equity - EuroZoneHSBC Global Asset Management3
Equity - EuroZone Small & Medium CompaniesAmundi2

Global Bonds

Sector Group Rating
Bonds - GlobalMorgan Stanley0
Bonds - GlobalLGT Capital Partners Ltd0
Bonds - GlobalLegg Mason1
Bonds - GlobalBNY Mellon Investment Management1
Bonds - GlobalPIMCO1
Bonds - GlobalRobeco2
Bonds - GlobalFranklin Templeton Investments2
Bonds - GlobalOld Mutual Global Investors2
Bonds - GlobalInvesco2
Bonds - GlobalT Rowe Price2
Bonds - GlobalBarings2
Bonds - GlobalBarclays Wealth & Investment Management3
Bonds - GlobalM&G Investments3
Bonds - GlobalFidelity International3
Bonds - GlobalSchroders3
Bonds - GlobalJP Morgan Asset Management3
Bonds - GlobalNew Capital3
Bonds - Global FlexibleWellington Management0
Bonds - Global FlexibleMorgan Stanley1
Bonds - Global FlexibleNatixis Investment Managers1
Bonds - Global FlexibleEaton Vance Management1
Bonds - Global FlexibleJupiter2
Bonds - Global FlexibleM&G Investments2
Bonds - Global FlexibleFranklin Templeton Investments2
Bonds - Global FlexibleAmundi3
Bonds - Global FlexibleAXA Investment Managers3
Bonds - Global FlexiblePIMCO3
Bonds - Global FlexibleCredit Suisse Asset Management3
Bonds - Global FlexibleManulife3
Bonds - Global FlexibleCarmignac Gestion3

Global Equities

Sector Group Rating
Equity - GlobalFundsmith LLP0
Equity - GlobalMorgan Stanley0
Equity - GlobalMFS0
Equity - GlobalMagellan0
Equity - GlobalT Rowe Price1
Equity - GlobalArtisan Partners1
Equity - GlobalSYZ Group1
Equity - GlobalBlackRock1
Equity - GlobalWellington Management2
Equity - GlobalCapital Group2
Equity - GlobalJ O Hambro Capital Management2
Equity - GlobalGoldman Sachs Asset Management2
Equity - GlobalRWC2
Equity - GlobalHermes Investment Management2
Equity - GlobalRobeco2
Equity - GlobalOld Mutual Global Investors2
Equity - GlobalRBC Global Asset Management2
Equity - GlobalFranklin Templeton Investments2
Equity - GlobalLegg Mason2
Equity - GlobalFidelity International2
Equity - GlobalNordea2
Equity - GlobalPictet2
Equity - GlobalNatixis Investment Managers3
Equity - GlobalSt James's Place3
Equity - GlobalStandard Life Investments3
Equity - GlobalManulife3
Equity - GlobalJanusHenderson3
Equity - GlobalInvesco3
Equity - GlobalUBS Asset Management3
Equity - GlobalAlliance Bernstein3
Equity - GlobalInvestec Asset Management3
Equity - GlobalUnigestion3
Equity - GlobalColumbia Threadneedle Investments3
Equity - GlobalPineBridge3
Equity - GlobalAllianz Global Investors3
Equity - GlobalBNY Mellon Investment Management3
Equity - Global Equity IncomeFidelity International1
Equity - Global Equity IncomeJanusHenderson3
Equity - Global Equity IncomeJP Morgan Asset Management3
Equity - Global ex USMorgan Stanley2
Equity - Global Small & Medium CompaniesGoldman Sachs Asset Management2
Equity - Global Small & Medium CompaniesPrincipal Global Investors3
Equity - Global Small & Medium CompaniesSchroders3

High Yield Bonds

Sector Group Rating
Bonds - Euro High YieldCandriam2
Bonds - Euro High YieldSchroders2
Bonds - Euro High YieldDeutsche Asset Management3
Bonds - Europe High YieldT Rowe Price1
Bonds - Europe High YieldAlgebris Investments2
Bonds - Europe High YieldNordea2
Bonds - Global High YieldBarings1
Bonds - Global High YieldUnion Bancaire Privée1
Bonds - Global High YieldMorgan Stanley1
Bonds - Global High YieldRobeco2
Bonds - Global High YieldBarclays Wealth & Investment Management2
Bonds - Global High YieldPrincipal Global Investors2
Bonds - Global High YieldAviva Investors2
Bonds - Global High YieldHSBC Global Asset Management3
Bonds - Global High YieldHermes Investment Management3
Bonds - Global High YieldPIMCO3
Bonds - Global High YieldAlliance Bernstein3
Bonds - Global High YieldSYZ Group3
Bonds - Global High YieldOaktree Capital Management3
Bonds - US Dollar High YieldNomura Asset Management0
Bonds - US Dollar High YieldLord Abbett Ltd1
Bonds - US Dollar High YieldMorgan Stanley1
Bonds - US Dollar High YieldFederated International Management2
Bonds - US Dollar High YieldBlackRock2
Bonds - US Dollar High YieldAlliance Bernstein3
Bonds - US Dollar High YieldNatixis Investment Managers3
Bonds - US Dollar High YieldPIMCO3

Latin America Equities

Sector Group Rating
Equity - Latin AmericaBlackRock1
Equity - Latin AmericaT Rowe Price2
Equity - Latin AmericaInvestec Asset Management2
Equity - Latin AmericaAberdeen Asset Management2
Equity - Latin AmericaNordea3
Equity - Latin AmericaAlquity3
Equity - Latin AmericaNeptune3
Equity - Latin AmericaManulife3
Equity - Latin AmericaFiera Capital3
Equity - Latin AmericaJP Morgan Asset Management3
Equity - Latin AmericaFidelity International3

Mixed Assets

Sector Group Rating
Mixed Assets - Absolute Return EURNordea1
Mixed Assets - Absolute Return EURJupiter2
Mixed Assets - Aggressive GBPSt James's Place0
Mixed Assets - Aggressive GBPColumbia Threadneedle Investments1
Mixed Assets - Aggressive USDT Rowe Price3
Mixed Assets - Balanced CHFUBS Asset Management3
Mixed Assets - Balanced EURLombard Odier Investment Managers2
Mixed Assets - Balanced EURJP Morgan Asset Management2
Mixed Assets - Balanced USDRBC Global Asset Management1
Mixed Assets - Balanced USDMFS2
Mixed Assets - Balanced USDBlackRock2
Mixed Assets - Balanced USDJP Morgan Asset Management2
Mixed Assets - Balanced USDColumbia Threadneedle Investments2
Mixed Assets - Balanced USDAllianz Global Investors2
Mixed Assets - Balanced USDJanusHenderson3
Mixed Assets - Balanced USDFranklin Templeton Investments3
Mixed Assets - Balanced USDSarasin & Partners3
Mixed Assets - Balanced USDAmundi3
Mixed Assets - Conservative EURInvesco1
Mixed Assets - Emerging MarketsAlliance Bernstein3
Mixed Assets - Flexible EURfLAB Luxembourg1
Mixed Assets - Flexible EURHSBC Global Asset Management3
Mixed Assets - Flexible EURBNP Paribas Investment Partners3
Mixed Assets - Flexible EURM&G Investments3
Mixed Assets - Flexible OtherEmirates NBD Asset Management2
Mixed Assets - Flexible USDMFS3
Mixed Assets - Flexible USDPIMCO3
Mixed Assets - Flexible USDBlackRock3
Mixed Assets - Flexible USDCredit Suisse Asset Management3
Mixed Assets - Flexible USDFoord Unit Trusts3

North America Equities

Sector Group Rating
Equity - CanadaRBC Global Asset Management2
Equity - USLyrical Asset Management LP0
Equity - USJP Morgan Asset Management0
Equity - USEdgewood Management0
Equity - UST Rowe Price1
Equity - USOld Mutual Global Investors1
Equity - USVulcan Value Partners LLC1
Equity - USMorgan Stanley1
Equity - USMFS1
Equity - USSt James's Place1
Equity - USJanusHenderson1
Equity - USNew Capital1
Equity - USBank J. Safra Sarasin Ltd2
Equity - USAlliance Bernstein2
Equity - USRobeco2
Equity - USNatixis Investment Managers2
Equity - USLegg Mason2
Equity - USWellington Management2
Equity - USPrincipal Global Investors3
Equity - USGoldman Sachs Asset Management3
Equity - USFranklin Templeton Investments3
Equity - USAlger3
Equity - USArtemis3
Equity - USColumbia Threadneedle Investments3
Equity - USVontobel Asset Management AG3
Equity - USBrown Advisory3
Equity - USNeuberger Berman3
Equity - USCandriam3
Equity - USFidelity International3
Equity - US IncomeBNY Mellon Investment Management0
Equity - US Small & Medium CompaniesT Rowe Price0
Equity - US Small & Medium CompaniesAberdeen Asset Management0
Equity - US Small & Medium CompaniesJanusHenderson1
Equity - US Small & Medium CompaniesJP Morgan Asset Management1
Equity - US Small & Medium CompaniesGoldman Sachs Asset Management1
Equity - US Small & Medium CompaniesBNP Paribas Investment Partners1
Equity - US Small & Medium CompaniesBrown Advisory2
Equity - US Small & Medium CompaniesRobeco2
Equity - US Small & Medium CompaniesHermes Investment Management2
Equity - US Small & Medium CompaniesNatixis Investment Managers2
Equity - US Small & Medium CompaniesColumbia Threadneedle Investments2
Equity - US Small & Medium CompaniesSchroders2
Equity - US Small & Medium CompaniesUBS Asset Management3
Equity - US Small & Medium CompaniesBlackRock3
Equity - US Small & Medium CompaniesAlliance Bernstein3
Equity - US Small & Medium CompaniesManulife3
Equity - US Small & Medium CompaniesNeuberger Berman3
Equity - US Small & Medium CompaniesVAM3

Other Bonds

Sector Group Rating
Bonds - Absolute Return OtherNikko Asset Management3
Bonds - Absolute Return USDMuzinich & Co3
Bonds - Absolute Return USDBNY Mellon Investment Management3
Bonds - Euro Inflation LinkedBNP Paribas Investment Partners3
Bonds - Floating Rate NotesInvesco2
Bonds - Floating Rate NotesNatixis Investment Managers2
Bonds - Global Inflation LinkedPIMCO3
Bonds - Global Inflation LinkedNatixis Investment Managers3
Bonds - Global US Dollar HedgedNew Capital3
Bonds - Global US Dollar HedgedWells Fargo3


Sector Group Rating
Property - Asian EquityEastspring2
Property - Asian EquityFidelity International3
Property - Asian EquityFirst State3
Property - European EquityBMO Asset Management0
Property - European EquityJanusHenderson2
Property - Global EquityPrincipal Global Investors2
Property - Global EquityBlackRock3

Sterling Bonds

Sector Group Rating
Bonds - Sterling Corporate BondColumbia Threadneedle Investments1
Bonds - Sterling Strategic BondM&G Investments3
Bonds - UK GiltPIMCO3

Thematic Equities

Sector Group Rating
Equity - Banks & FinancialsGuinness Asset Management1
Equity - Banks & FinancialsFidelity International3
Equity - Banks & FinancialsManulife3
Equity - Basic IndustriesRobecoSAM AG2
Equity - BiotechnologyPolar Capital1
Equity - BiotechnologyCandriam2
Equity - Consumer DiscretionaryRobeco2
Equity - Consumer DiscretionaryInvesco3
Equity - Consumer StaplesNN Investment Partners3
Equity - Global ThemesCPR Asset Management0
Equity - Global ThemesCredit Suisse Asset Management1
Equity - Global ThemesVontobel Asset Management AG2
Equity - Global ThemesPictet2
Equity - Global ThemesBNP Paribas Investment Partners3
Equity - Global ThemesAllianz Global Investors3
Equity - InfrastructureFirst State3
Equity - Pharmaceuticals & Health CareWellington Management1
Equity - Pharmaceuticals & Health CarePolar Capital2
Equity - Pharmaceuticals & Health CareGAM2
Equity - Pharmaceuticals & Health CareJanusHenderson2
Equity - Pharmaceuticals & Health CarePictet2
Equity - Pharmaceuticals & Health CareAlliance Bernstein3
Equity - Pharmaceuticals & Health CareBlackRock3
Equity - TechnologyColumbia Threadneedle Investments1
Equity - TechnologyT Rowe Price1
Equity - TechnologyFranklin Templeton Investments2
Equity - TechnologyFidelity International3
Equity - TechnologyJP Morgan Asset Management3
Equity - TechnologyBlackRock3

UK Equities

Sector Group Rating
Equity - UK (All Companies)Invesco2
Equity - UK (All Companies)Fidelity International3
Equity - UK (All Companies)J O Hambro Capital Management3
Equity - UK Equity IncomeColumbia Threadneedle Investments1
Equity - UK Medium CompaniesOld Mutual Global Investors2
Equity - UK Smaller CompaniesOld Mutual Global Investors2
Equity - UK Smaller CompaniesColumbia Threadneedle Investments3

US Dollar Bonds

Sector Group Rating
Bonds - US DollarGAM1
Bonds - US DollarPIMCO2
Bonds - US DollarNordea2
Bonds - US DollarAlliance Bernstein2
Bonds - US DollarCredit Suisse Asset Management3
Bonds - US DollarBlackRock3
Bonds - US DollarAmundi3
Bonds - US DollarJP Morgan Asset Management3
Bonds - US Dollar MortgagesBNP Paribas Investment Partners1
Bonds - US Dollar MortgagesNordea3
Bonds - US Dollar MortgagesFranklin Templeton Investments3
Bonds - US Dollar MortgagesMorgan Stanley3
Bonds - US Dollar Short TermAmundi0
Bonds - US Dollar Short TermBlackRock1
Bonds - US Dollar Short TermMorgan Stanley3
Bonds - US Dollar Short TermAlliance Bernstein3
Bonds - US Dollar Short TermPIMCO3

Group Ratings by Citywire for rolling risk adjusted performance, across all management teams in a sector, over the period 31/12/2010 - 31/12/2017.