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Henry Wong

Henry Wong

This manager is not currently tracked by Citywire

About Henry Wong

Henry Wong joined Deutsche Asset Management in 2014 to oversee its Asian fixed income operations. He was brought on board to help further the company’s regional efforts in the bond market, while also expanding its global investment solutions. Having previously worked for BEA Union Investment Management, Wong was formerly chief investment officer for fixed income and oversaw multiple Asian fixed income portfolios. He has nearly 30 years’ investment experience in both banking and asset management.

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Citywire Rating: AAA rated


  • JRated AAA in Jul 2017
  • ARated AAA in Aug 2017
  • SRated AAA in Sep 2017
  • ORated AAA in Oct 2017
  • NRated AAA in Nov 2017
  • DRated AAA in Dec 2017


  • JRated AAA in Jan 2018
  • FRated AAA in Feb 2018
  • MRated AAA in Mar 2018
  • ARated AAA in Apr 2018
  • MRated AAA in May 2018

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