Fund buyers from Asia are looking to increase allocation to European equities over the next six months.

That’s according to a poll held at the fifth annual Citywire Asia investor retreat at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Bangkok, which is being attended by fund selectors from Asia's leading financial institutions.

Forty-six percent of the delegates voted to increase their European equities allocation, and Asia Pacific equities came in second, gathering 27% of the votes.

Emerging market equites garnered 14% of the votes, while the least popular asset were North American equities and global equities, with 8% and 5% respectively.

Fixed income perspective

When asked which asset class within the fixed income space fund buyers would like to increase their allocation to for the rest of the year, their top choice was emerging market bonds (37%).

The second choice was Asian bonds (33%), while US bonds got 12% of the votes.

The last two options for fund buyers in Asia were European bonds and global bonds, receiving 9% of the votes each.

Alternative investments

The most attractive alternative investment for participants attending our retreat this year was private equity (40%).

Fund buyers were also optimistic about hedge funds (29%), which came in second after private equity, according to the poll results.

Real estate and alternative Ucits attracted 19% and 12% of the votes respectively.

Biggest challenge

Finally, when asked about the biggest challenge for Asia over the next 12 months, participants opted for China’s instability (39%).

Trump’s anti-trade and immigration policies received 28% of the votes, while tensions in the Korean peninsula gained 20% of the votes.

Asia selectors were less concerned about regulatory and legislative changes, which gathered 13% of the votes.

Our annual investor retreat in Bangkok is being held on May 18-19.