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Michael Schoenhaut - Latest News

Blockbuster manager Talib Sheikh to exit JPM AM

Multi-asset veteran ends two decades with asset management firm.

JPM’s Schoenhaut: it’s time to get positive on equities

Citywire + rated Michael Schoenhaut says stocks are strong reflationary bets and predicts a tougher time for traditional fixed income.

JPM launches giant global income fund spin off

Asset management firm launches lower risk multi-asset fund off-the-back of success of blockbuster fund.

The fund managers who attracted the most money in 2015

Following a volatile 12 months, Citywire Investment Research uncovers the three main funds which investors were piling into.

Manager focus: best of the best in mixed assets balanced funds

VIDEO: A forensic look at the fund managers showing stand-out performance while not running up the risk budget.

JPM multi-asset star: four ways to earn income during low rates

Citywire A-rated Michael Schoenhaut uncovers the best plays to outperform against a backdrop of low yields and zero rates.

JPM’s Sheikh: the five best macro themes to play this year

The income and total return manager reveals his current top macro-thematic investment ideas.

Fresh perspectives: Manulife’s Ajay Saratchandran

From Melbourne and Sydney to Singapore and finally Hong Kong, Ajay Saratchandran has travelled far and wide with his investment career.

JPM multi-asset star: why I have more than 50% in the US

Citywire AA-rated Michael Schoenhaut believes the US is the standout market for global mixed asset investors in the coming year.

US bond sell-off fears ‘really overblown’, says JPM’s Sheikh

JPM's Talib Sheikh explains why developed markets long-term bonds are his best call for 2015.