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CEO tapes: the gap between best and worst alternatives is stark

In the final part of our series we take a look at the rise of illiquid investing and whether it really serves in clients best interests.

CEO Tapes: dangerous data and great technology

In the third part of our latest series the debate turns to technology and the huge impact it is having on the fund management industry

CEO Tapes: ESG - we need to get better at the 'G'

In the second part of our CEO series, we explore the burgeoning ESG concept with fund bosses outlining how they try to make a difference.

CEO Tapes: women - ask what's in it for you?

In a new CEO series, a revealing film discusses the myth that asset management is a meritocracy and why men tend to be more pushy when it comes to pay rises and promotions.

Alpha Female 2018: AAA-rated women given less money to run

Mixed gender teams produce better returns, compared to single gender team, a new Citywire study has revealed

Alpha Female 2018: Nobody said - ‘Right, let’s get a woman in here’

What makes the mix work? Citywire spoke to outperforming female fund managers working in mixed-gender teams.

Alpha Female 2018: Mixed-gender teams produce better returns

If you want higher returns without overloading on risk, a balanced line-up of portfolio managers makes sense, Citywire research finds.

Google Fund Management? Yes...but not yet

VIDEO: Our expert panel clash heads on whether tech will tear them apart or power a golden age in innovation.

'We're just a bunch of white dudes sitting here': AM CEOs on gender

In our brand new series, eight CEOs discuss how the industry could do a better job for female fund managers

CEO Tapes: Successful funds. The price is right?

The AM bosses clash over the costs appplied to outperforming strategies.

CEO Tapes: 'We don't care about the average fund manager'

The bosses of 13 asset management groups recently came to Citywire London HQ for two separate round table discussions.