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Robert Sykes

Robert Sykes

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Funds Managed
  1. John Hancock II Multi-Index 2020 Prsv Port;1
  2. John Hancock II Multi-Index 2025 Prsv Port;1
  3. John Hancock II Multi-Index 2030 Prsv Port;1
  4. John Hancock II Multi-Index 2035 Prsv Port;1
  5. John Hancock II Multi-Index 2040 Prsv Port;1
  6. John Hancock II Multi-Index 2045 Prsv Port;1
  7. John Hancock II Multi-Index 2050 Prsv Port;1
  8. John Hancock II Multi-Index 2055 Prsv Port;1
  9. John Hancock II Multi-Index 2060 Prsv Port;1
  10. John Hancock II Multi-Index Income Prsv Port;1
  11. John Hancock Multi-Index 2010 Lifetime Ptf;1
  12. John Hancock Multi-Index 2015 Lifetime Ptf;1
  13. John Hancock Multi-Index 2020 Lifetime Ptf;1
  14. John Hancock Multi-Index 2025 Lifetime Ptf;1
  15. John Hancock Multi-Index 2030 Lifetime Ptf;1
  16. John Hancock Multi-Index 2035 Lifetime Ptf;1
  17. John Hancock Multi-Index 2040 Lifetime Ptf;1
  18. John Hancock Multi-Index 2045 Lifetime Ptf;1
  19. John Hancock Multi-Index 2050 Lifetime Ptf;1
  20. John Hancock Multi-Index 2055 Lifetime Ptf;1
  21. John Hancock Multi-Index 2060 Lifetime Ptf;1
  22. John Hancock Multi-Index Lifestyle Agg Port;1
  23. John Hancock Multi-Index Lifestyle Bal Port;1
  24. John Hancock Multi-Index Lifestyle Consv Pt;1
  25. John Hancock Multi-Index Lifestyle Gro Port;1
  26. John Hancock Multi-Index Lifestyle Mod Port;1
  27. John Hancock Multimanager 2010 Lifetime Ptf;1
  28. John Hancock Multimanager 2015 Lifetime Ptf;1
  29. John Hancock Multimanager 2020 Lifetime Ptf;1
  30. John Hancock Multimanager 2025 Lifetime Ptf;1
  31. John Hancock Multimanager 2030 Lifetime Ptf;1
  32. John Hancock Multimanager 2035 Lifetime Ptf;1
  33. John Hancock Multimanager 2040 Lifetime Ptf;1
  34. John Hancock Multimanager 2045 Lifetime Ptf;1
  35. John Hancock Multimanager 2050 Lifetime Ptf;1
  36. John Hancock Multimanager 2055 Lifetime Ptf;1
  37. John Hancock Multimanager 2060 Lifetime Ptf;1
  38. John Hancock Multimanager Lifestyle Aggr Port;1
  39. John Hancock Multimanager Lifestyle Bal Port;1
  40. John Hancock Multimanager Lifestyle Consv Port;1
  41. John Hancock Multimanager Lifestyle Growth Port;1
  42. John Hancock Multimanager Lifestyle Mod Port;1

Citywire Rating: Not Eligible

Robert Sykes does not currently have the required track record to be eligible for a Citywire Rating. See methodology


over : 30/06/2018 - 30/09/2018

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Quarterly Performance

to 30/09/2018 Annual Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
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