Standard Chartered has launched a digital wealth management tool for fund and bond investments at its Priority Banking segment in Singapore.

Known as the Personalised Investment Ideas, the tool uses algorithms and analytics to understand a client’s risk profile and the bank’s market views to generate investment leads.

The tool is also available on the relationship manager’s (RM) tablet-based sales-and-service device. Bond investment ideas are only available to accredited investors.

‘Using advanced analytics, we have harnessed the multi-source market views developed by the Bank’s investment experts, our client insights and data on wealth management solutions to develop a capability that can instantly generate investment ideas, unique to each client’s profile,’ said Alexis Calla, global head, investment strategy and advisory.

The bank plans to introduce Personalised Investment Ideas in other Asian markets too. In April, its private banking unit launched a similar tool to integrate house views and investment recommendations with real-time market information from Thomson Reuters’ Eikon.

Earlier this year, Standard Chartered more than doubled the minimum level of investable assets for its private bank to $5 million.