The AAA club: three new high flyers running funds in Asia

In December, only 357 names out of the 16,819 managers from Citywire's database received the AAA-rating. 

Among these newly rated performers, three managers run funds that are registered for sale in Singapore and/or Hong Kong. In this gallery, we look at the performance of these three managers.

The AAA-rating is the highest accolade conferred to outperforming managers based on their risk adjusted returns. Our ratings are purely quantitative and analysis is based on information ratio.

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Citywire Manager Ratio: 0.86

Mandy Chan is the head of China and Hong Kong equities at HSBC Global Asset Management. She joined HSBC in December 2009.

One of the funds contributing to her rating is the HSBC China Momentum Fund AC USD fund.

It was incepted in October 2003 and had about $53.37 million in assets as of October 2018. The fund had the largest holdings in the Alibaba Group Holding, and is benchmarked against the MSCI China 10/40 index.


Citywire Manager Ratio: 0.81

Andrew Norelli joined JP Morgan Asset Management in 2012.

He has been managing the JPM Income Fund A Acc USD fund since its inception in June 2014. As of November 2018, the fund had about $186 million in assets.

The fund is benchmarked against the Bloomberg Barclays US Aggregate Index, and had the largest holdings in high yield corporate bonds.


Citywire Manager Ratio: 2.2

Joining the cream of the crop is Wouter van Overfelt, who received his first ever Citywire rating in December

van Overfelt joined Vontobel Asset Management in April 2013 as its portfolio manager within the emerging markets fixed income team.

The fund contributing to his rating is the Vontobel Fund Emerging Markets Corp Bond I fund.

It has an overweight holding in Turkey, Argentina and Ukraine, and underweight holding in countries like India, South Korea and Chile.